We as a team do

Create Awareness on Health

Life became mechanical in competitive world, in which people are least bothered about consuming right food and maintaining healthy life style. Eating fast food, junk food causing lot many health issues and ruin entire health causing to spend lakhs of money on health. It is alarming factor for every individual that they need to change their food habits and life style.

Teach Swimming in 30 Minutes

In a calendar year more than 1000 young people either students or corporate employee are losing their lives by accidental drowning in water. Reasons for these are while taking selfies at water spots slipping into water, boat accidents etc. Nobody exempted from accidental drowning, learning swimming could not be a easy task and it benefits in many ways for one’s physical and mental health.

Create Awareness on Social Media

This century is of social media while after wakeup, before sleeping, while travelling, any occasion everywhere facebook, whatsapp, telegram. Everything is communicated through internet. It is showing  people personality, qualities to the world and building awareness about a person within no time. How could one use it effectively to benefit enormously. Social media should flourish our career.

Promote Zero Budget Politics

Entire system is running under a political system, which can be used to create public benefits same thing can be used to destroy the society. Quality leadership makes country safe and improves individuals quality of life, it can reverse if leader have personal agenda for him to earn money. Having huge natural resources and  highly skilled people still country is developing what could be the reason?