Globalization, industrialization led to economic growth, but what about  Health condition of people? Is our health is in hands of corporate hospitals or better health is in our own hands? What made our ancestors health was in better conditions? Our fore fathers health disorders were mostly due to external factors such as mosquito bites, rats or some other, their health and fitness is because of chemicals and pesticide free food. Is it a fact that health problems are due to our own life style and  contaminated food?

When people meet at thirty to forty years of age they are talking about each other’s health conditions. Lot of people are suffering from bold head and grey hair from 20 years age. Each street is growing with number of hospitals like a grocery shops, there are several fertility care centers. For all these what could be reason?

Imagine what could be a school child health if they eat 1 minute preparation Maggie and burgers and pizza? Our history shows there are several methods and food practices to keep healthy and fit for entire life, unfortunately people are getting diabetes, blood pressure and heart strokes at very  younger age. Only way left over for entire life is only pills?

In a better health condition one can achieve great success, If one person in a family is sick, entire family is worried and lot of money need to be spend to cure disease may be it is smaller or bigger.

Need to accept the bear fact consuming genetically modified foods like rice, wheat, sugar, milk has lot of effect on human health and DNA of those food is completely changed and it is no more a better option to eat it long run to live better health condition for long time.

There are several quick and easy ways and solutions available to follow and maintain good health conditions and improve productivity of person. These practices were not invented, those were already there and discovered back and introduce. We have been practicing them through long time and leading happy and healthy life and you may follow or practice for your health as well click following links.