Importance of Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast literal meaning is break the fast after dinner. Morning breakfast not only effect physical health, it improves brain strength in tern in improves concentration and productivity for whole day. Skipping breakfast results in weekness for entire day with low eneregy levels, brain denies to pick up concentration and speed because we are running vehicle with no fuel. When we skip breakfast, we experience high stress levels, low metabalism rate.

How one starts break fast? A cup of coffee or tea, pizza, burger, oily puri, vada etc. What happens if we take these kind of processed foods we take a breakfast?When we go to hospital and doctor prescribe a medicine, we ask are there any side affects with these medicine? When we eat oily or unhealthy breakfast do we think how does it is going to have side effects on our body and brain? No not yet all, because we want satisfy our taste buds by taking tasty breakfast and we want to taste cup of tea or coffee immediate after brush.

Few skip breakfast, others take unhealthy breakfast. As we have seen lot of people are searching for healthy breakfast, quick breakfast, easy breakfast. Breakfast should contain nutrients, low glycemic index, should be non-oily.

Four things every one should practice as a healthy morning breakfast for better health

01.One can start their morning with a glass of pure water there are lot of benefits consuming pure water on empty stomach.

02.Then have a glass of pure vegetable juice or natural fruit juice, there are several morning healthy breakfast juice recipes.

03.After this do Yoga, Meditation or Physical Excercise. Based on personal interest individuals can choose morning yoga, meditation, exercise to practice before or after breakfast.

04.Take handfull of overnight soaked dry fruits which includes Wallnuts,almonds, Pista, Cashew etc.