Healthy Lunch and Dinner


Having healthy lunch and dinner might be difficult choice, there are many number of people searching for healthy lunch choice, light dinner for better sleep, diabetic lunch, nutritious dinner etc. Most of the people lunch and dinner choice is Rice and wheat, these are genetically modified to increase its production lot of pesticides and fertilizers are being used until harvesting.  Taking two times rice or wheat products for dinner and lunch may not fulfil complete nutrition required for daily diet recommendation.

Who doesn’t want to maintain slim and fit personality? People suffering from diabetes and blood pressure are confused about diet. Years ago we did not hear Obesity term, recent times it became so popular only because of the food and life style. At the same time these many fertilizers and pesticides were not been used to produce food grains. Now we hear the term organic food and people are slowly moving towards them but what is the guarantee of organic products is a difficult question. Even if we eat one thing organic other may not be.

There are few grains which does not need any fertilizers and pesticides to grow with very less water consumption they give healthy food. Those are Millets every one may heard about these but what is special about them there are three kinds of millets, Negative Millets, Neutral Millets and Positive Millets.

Positive Millets

  • Barnyard Millet
  • Kodo Millet
  • Little Millet
  • Foxtail Millet
  • Brown Top Millet

Positive millets are golden gift to human, these were grown ten thousand years back and these are the best food to consume and cure lot of disease by detoxifying entire body. Positive millets reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, gastric ulcers, prevents diabetes; protect heart, liver, kidney health. Cures all kind of gastric and ulcer problems. These millets can be used for both lunch and dinner. Preparation is same like rice soak these millets for 2 hours for 1 glass millets 3 glass water, and cook. Taste is similar to rice can eat with any curry as we eat with rice. Millets can be taken in both in lunch and dinner.