Learn swimming in 30 minutes

Can anyone believe more than 1000 young people died in accidental drowning into water, because they don’t know swimming? If they would have known swimming 99% chances were there for survival. Most of the accidents were while taking photographs at water fronts.

Swimming reduces stress, proper way of swimming supplies adequate amount of oxygen to muscles. Regular practice of swimming makes employee to contribute best for a team in organization. Swimming is best cardio exercise, swimming makes body flexible, strengthen muscles, respiratory system.

Every human being by birth knows swimming, if you leave any dog in pool he/she comes out from water by swimming.  Children could easily learn swimming than adults.

Main reason behind drowning into water is fear; we teach swimming in 5 stages

In first stage we remove inside fear with personal counseling

In Second stage we teach right skills to swim

In Third stage we teach breathing process and techniques

In Fourth stage we teach to swim long way without break

In fifth stage we teach how to float in water for long hours


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